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Master’s Celebration is an experienced company in organizing celebrations for our clients, which has achieved its respectable reputation through the years of high quality servicing, openness to our customers, and concentration on the needs and wishes of our customers.

Our company is happy to offer you our small, cozy hall for your celebrations connected to any events: anniversary, birthday, reunion of a family, receptions, and even business seminars. Our comfortable, cozy party hall is able to accommodate up to 40 people, and we ensure that your party will take place in a nice, friendly, snug atmosphere.

Give us a call at 905-450-2800 or send an email at info@masterscelebration.com in order to get to know more information and ask for details.






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The modern, appealing design of our small party hall will be surely liked by your guests, and you can be sure that nothing extraordinary or weird will strike someone’s eye. For an extra fee, you can choose an option of hiring a DJ, who will make your party unforgettable and memorable for all visitors of your celebration.

Be sure to rely on us in organizing a celebration or any other event for your guests, and we will ensure that you got a memorable day with a large palette of emotions.